Yaesu FT 817 on the citizen band
How does it perform?

Hello everyone.
This is a post just to tell you how well is performing my 5 watts transceiver Yaesu FT 817 on the citizen band.

On the AM side it works fairy well. 5 watts in AM are enough to have QSO around 30 miles especially if you have a omnidirectional antenna. I had different QSO with other real CB people, here in Italy and they give me back good reports.
The original microphone has good quality and output is loud and enough clear to stand out a communication with the other side.

The other possible option is to go on the “upper side” bands 27.555 MhZ (USB). As you may know this is the main calling frequency amongst 11 meters lovers band. Look at this image:

2012-10-13 20.05.09

It’s our Yaesu FT 817 ND with the miracle whip antenna! I had several contact with this QRP radio transceiver on 11 meters. Many QSO with every country of Europe: longest QSO was 4928 miles (European asia). It was on 27.530 Mhz USB mode. I also tried this on CW mode (27.500 MhZ) having a contact with one AT member of Sevilla (Spain). I can say that this DUO (Yaesu FT 817 ND and Miracle whip) is great. Excellent job I would say.

If you’ll use the FT 817 ND at home, we strongly suggest you a easy deployable dipole 5.5 meters per side. It will be easy to toss into a tree. No manutenction needed and … cheap! Last option could be a MP1 superantenna. Easy to install everywhere. (110$).

Naturally if you want to operate with the Yaesu FT 817 on the citizen band you have to perform the MARS modification to open to transmission on the CB frequencies. Many users has reported that it doesn’t like to transmit outside of its factory specifications at full power.


Yaesu FT 817 on citizen band – SSB COLLINS filter

I believe that YEASU FT 817 on the citizen band is excellent from the receiver side and is probably much better than most CBs, especially in SSB mode with the optional Collins mechanical filter. (See below)

And you? Are you using the Yaesu FT 817 on the Citizen band?
Can you please share your thoughts about this? What setup do you have? Can you upload the photo of your shack?

I would like to share with you this great video (it’s not me) but…is one of the most clicked video on the topic Yaesu FT 817 on the citizen band.   CLICK DOWN HERE ON THE ARROW If you also like this page, and you’re interested in build up a YAESU FT 817 27.555 mhz fan group, let us know!




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