Hello every HAM RADIO Enthusiast,

It looks like some photos of the UPCOMING XIEGU HF TRANSCEIVER (5105 model) have been leaked. We received these photos from the East part of the world.

Briefly the X5105 model, produced from this promising Chinese Company (XIEGU) is a highly portable, reliable,  HF transceiver working the HF plus 6m band. Built-in power output of 5W.
On these leaked pre-production photos, seems there will be a ATU (automatic antenna tuner) which is great. Weight should be only 750 grams and it looks to be very transportable. Rugged construction.

Technical features: double-conversion superheterodyne, fitted with up to 3 lithium batteries of 18,6 Amperes each.

As you see the 5000mAh battery pack is removable.

Inside the PCBs

Front panel.

These are the leaked photos of XIEGU X5105 model.
Looking forward to have it in our hands for a review.
Definitely is the most interesting product of 2017.

Cost around 450$? Expected to be released in August 2017.
You can book and reserve yours here ..
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