X1M Pro Platinum QRP Transceiver

DXing with this small qrp transceiver is a great pleasure. The X-1M is the new compact HF transceiver from CHINA. It’s a very light qrp radio (750 gr) suitable for the back packers.

Here our unboxing and review!

Specifications of X1M Pro Platinum QRP Transceiver

– Manufactured by Chonqinq Xiegu Technology Co., Ltd. of China.
– Frequency range RX:  0.1 ~ 30 MHz
– Modes: USB & LSB & CW
– Power output: 5 Watts
– Rx Preamplifier
– Automatic Internal CW Keyer
– CAT Control:  Compatible with Ham Radio Deluxe

  • Receiving sensitivity: better than 0.45uV,
  • RF output power: ≥ 4.5W
  • Frequency stability: better than 0.5ppm
  • Frequency accuracy: better than 0.5ppm
  • Operating voltage: 12.0 ~ 14.0V DC
  • Receiver Standby Current: 0.5A
  • Emission current: 1.5A Max

The X1M Pro Platinum QRP Transceiver has an improved display, controls, quality of components and filters.

There is also a recent new version called X1 MKII which is 20 watts! Color Display with 50MHz and IF-DSP – receiver triple conversion. Preliminary features: RX: 0.5~30M,50~55M – TX:0.5~30M,50~55M – SSB/CW/NFM/AM/RTTY – TX 20W output – Power 9~20VDC (0.42A @Min – 4.5A @Max).

The green display is easy to read as is all the silk screening on the front and rear covers. The audio from the unit is also very clean and loud for a small unit. The unit is very light for an all band and all mode unit. Preamp works well and unit is very quiet on receive. Menu navigation is easy.

The microphone is small but comments received on SSB are that the microphone is very hot or sensitive and the radio can be overdriven if talking too loud or too close to the microphone.

Both USB and LSB work well on receive and even when shortwave listening it sounds great when tuning an AM station once you get used to it.

The memories are nice if you wish to program your favorite calling frequency or shortwave station. You cannot however use the memories and then tune the vfo from them; you have to go to VFO mode if you want to change frequency as the memories are locked as just that.
Click on the arrow at the end of this article to see the video on how this QRP transceiver kit performs in reception / transmission and compare this with the FT 817

Light QRP radio
SSB/Am/Fm/Cw – Micro included
Display quite large

The AGC could be better as a strong local signal will overload the front end.
There is no S-Meter and no power output signal meter.
Price ! (Still over 499$) for a chinese HF radio.
If you connect the X1M Pro Platinum QRP Transceiver accidentally into an antenna with > 2:1 SWR the PA transistor is liable to blow








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