The WonderWand Whip antenna is an HF antenna made for QRP which looks similar to the most known Miracle Whip HF antenna for QRP. It mounts directly on the back of the radio using its integral PL-259 connector, and has two controls that face forward for ease of access. It could be used for your Elecraft KX3 , Yaesu FT 817 , Yaesu FT 818 and ICOM 703.

WonderWand Whip antenna

The manufacture

The wonderwand whip antenna is made by the wonderland company (UK). I would say that when you have in your hands is very well made. Compared to the miracle whip, I must say there is a difference in terms of construction: the wonderwand whip antenna looks more solid in construction. Also the bigger size provides more confidence in your hands. When you attach this QRP antenna to the rear of your Yaesu FT 818 or FT 817 looks very pretty.

How it works

We have tested this QRP antenna on 20 and 17 meters band. It has a lower control which is bandswitch with 8 positions, marked 1.8-3.5, 7, 10, 14, 18-21, 24-28, 50 Mhz.  These positions select taps on an inductor, according to the amateur band you want to use.The upper control is a rotary control that is continuously calibrated from 1 to 10. This is a tuning capacitor that is used to tune the antenna for maximum signal and minimum SWR on the selected band. The tuning is quite sharp and this control allows the antenna to cover a wide range.On top of the antenna is mounted a 7-section black telescopic whip 125cm (50 inches) in length.The whip antenna in the last version is removable.A counterpoise is required for best results it is not particularly critical. A wire can be used to ground the antenna to the copper pipes of a central heating system. When used out of doors, a few metres of wire laying on the ground is generally all that is needed.

You can see the telescopic antenna which is 1.3 meters long and work on a dedicated multiband matching section to interface this to the transceiver.  After many trials, reproducible results were achieved and the MK 1 (2002) came into being.  Continued development and engineering changes over the years resulted in the current MK 5 (2014).  Throughout its development this antenna has been popular with FT817 users since late 2002.

Since May 2013 the company released the new wonderland Compact Loop s which covers from 20 to 6m.  See more details of all products under Our Products.  Latest eHam review here.