Wonderwand Loop Antenna review

We have received this short but nice review from Chris 9H3FC / G4UDG.


With a family holiday planned for Malta , i made plans to take my FT-817ND and a Wonder-loop 4010  antenna with me, i applied for a callsign and was allocated 9H3FC ,  given the limitations of a hotel apartment i chose the loop antenna as it needs no radials, no support/tripod,no coax, easy to tune , operates on 40 to 10 Mtrs, and folds down into a very small box for transport.The QRP station was set up on the balcony of my apartment , with only a ” concrete ” window to the world for the RF to escape !   , I operated on 10 Mhz to 28 Mhz. CW @ 5 Watts. Click on the arrow at the end of this article to see the video on how this QRP loop antenna performs. The results were very encouraging , after one week operating for about 1.5 hours per day i managed 50 qso,s into 23 DXCC , including G , GI ,OX , DL ,EA6 , OE , SM ,YO ,HA ,K3 , 9A ,N4   etc.  A most enjoyable experience and the little loop   ( 21″ diameter )  worked very well for me indeed.







73 de  Chris    9H3FC / G4UDG.

114837-magic-marker-icon-arrows-arrow11-rightclick on the arrow to see the youtube video!