Once upon time, with older models it was easy to open all the bands using a software (widebander.exe) but now you need to open your radio and perform this modification manually.

Guide to widebanding

“First remove the battery and disconnect the radio from any power source. 

Next remove the top and bottom covers.

Looking at the front of the radio there are 2 clips on the top and 2 on the bottom.

Ease these clips free of the main body of the radio and slide the front panel off (don’t overstretch the ribbon cable).

Next unclip the ribbon cable from the main body of the radio.

Now the front panel should come free and you can then see the jumper positions”

If you look at the inside of the front panel you see 9 jumpers at the top. Some of the jumpers are soldered closed and some are still open.

To wideband the radio you have to change the configuration of these jumpers.

This is how the jumpers looked in a newly bought FT-817 ND version:

You need to solder the jumpers like this: XXXXOOOOO

After doing this modification you need to reset the FT 817 :

– press and hold the “F” and “V/M” buttons and then press “power on” to reset the FT-817 and make the mod active.