VU3SXN presented on our forum his antenna:

Home mande QRP vertical buddy stick type foldable antenna capable up to 80 watts

I always wanted an antenna for my qrp ft-817nd ,which can be used anywhere in any situation, and which can be carried with us anywhere, i present a small wonder whip foldable antenna made up of 5to 7 elements which can be removed when the antenna is not in use and when required can be connected to one another for the erected vertical element , the vertical element is approx 4.5m in length or approx 14 feet.

The antenna can be tuned for minimum vswr by choosing the multiple inductive tapping in the end of the antenna, they are approx 20 turns tapped at every 2 turns, 10 taps in total, connect the patch cord at the tap which gives the maximum noise and that’s it,you are tuned for the minimum swr on that hf band.

The vertical element is recycled from an old army antenna allmost 35 years old but still rock solid, you can find a lot of these on,

I got it from a local market recycle shop for 2$, then the pvc pipe is used for making the vertical stand , it also costed approx 3$, the bill of materials never never raised up from 10 american dollars.

Its definately a great bang for the buck.

A good vertical tuner can also be used in this antenna.”


I Built it here in Italy. I spent 23 euros. Great deal.
It is a decent portable QRP antenna. I recommend all of you to build one.

73 de IZ0JOJ