YAESU FT 818 – First photos leaked

YAESU FT 818 – First photos leaked

YAESU FT 818 – First photos leaked

First photo of the new YAESU FT 818

Finally the YAESU FT 818 is coming into ham radio world. After the great seller YAESU FT 817 ND we have a new QRP device by YAESU. Apparently has been presented to the FCC on the 8th Jan 2018 but only since few days the first photos are coming up!

Leaks confirms this QRP YAESU FT 818 radio covers 0.1 – 470MHz,  receiver is superheterodyne comes with a rear gold BNC connector and it’s battery operated (LIPO). Four band HF transceiver: 0.01-30MHz, 50-54MHz, 76-154MHz and 420-470MHz. 

Even if many OMs would have loved a SDR receiver, the YAESU has preferred the superheterodyne but a renovated scheme which should be more sensitive. Full USB interface (CAT + audio), larger screen (see photo), 3 Ah LiPo internal battery,  12W output, IF-DSP and….. AUTO TUNER !!!

The ATU feature was widely expected.  ATU will be operative only on HF bands.

YAESU FT 818 schemes and manuals will be officially released on the 6th of August 2018.
It will be available on the market since September 15th 2018 but it will be presented for sure at TOKYO ham radio fair (AUGUST 2018).

Further details could be found on this website or on the FCC website (search for Grantee Code K66 & Product Code 03770X30).

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