End fed antenna

The end fed antennas are full length half wave dipoles where the coax connector is at one end of the dipole, where it is most needed. The big advantage of these antennas is that can be mounted horizontally, vertically or as a sloper. No  counterpoise is needed.

End fed antenna by LNR precision

This antenna is very small and well built. The only weak point is in the antenna radiator which attaches to the matching network without any strain relief. That would not normally be a problem and do not think it would be an issue with normal use.

DSC01455DSC01457DSC01458IZ0JOJ End Fed antenna installed @ my university accommodation in Bristol
Can you see it?

My opinion
It is a very versatile antenna, stows-away into a very small volume,  power rating of 25W and size. Bandwidth is amazing: around 200 khz. No tuner is advised to be used. The matching box that is about 1″ x 1″ x 1.5″that has a BNC connector.  Weight is 3.5 ounces. My version is the 40/20/10 meters band Trail Friendly . 75$ + shipping from USA store. The construction is excellent and I have never ever had need to call the customer service but on eham.net reviews some ham radio op did have need to call the store and seems they are quick and gentle.

My test

SWR on 10 meters band (28.250 mhz)  is  1:1
SWR on 12 meters band (24.900 mhz)  is  2:0
SWR on 15 meters band (21.200 mhz)  is  2:7
SWR on 17 meters band (18.100 mhz)  is  3:5
SWR on 20 meters band (14.150 mhz)  is  1:1
SWR on 30 meters band (10.100 mhz)  is  3.2
SWR on 40 meters band (7.050 mhz)    is  1:2


If you travel around the globe, if you need a stealth antenna, with easy deploy …and easy transportable,
the end fed antenna is what you need. If you need a strong, reliable, with very good construction, excellent service,
you need a LNR precision end fed antenna. Very good value. On Eham it has been reviewed as 4.7 on 5.
Click down here to see a nice video about my LNR precision END FED ANTENNA and ME working in 20 meters band.