The QRPver-1 v3

The QRPver-1 v3 is the new transceiver made in Ukraine by Yuriy Viktorovich Hubernatorov, UR5FYG, an excellent OM and engineer. QRPver Electronics is his site and represents a group of Odessa comrades radio engineers, have been developing and manufacturing a variety of radio.

As you see in the video The QRPver-1 v3 is really microscopic and easy to manipulate. We haven’t test yet but we look forward to it.

The website states that “this transceiver is built on the scheme with a single superheterodyne frequency conversion and four Crystal quartz filter. A micro controller is able to control everything you see on the display. The frequency synthesizer used as a local oscillator on-chip SI5351. USB/LSB and CW are available as well the digital modes (FSK PSK RTTY)”



The QRPver-1 v3 has following characteristics:
Two AGC mode (Fast / Low)
Vertical / semi-automatic keyer
Enable / disable the transmission of AF signal at the input.
For digital modes (DIGI-VOX)
The offset frequency for CW
Self-control for CW
Lock encoder
Indication of low voltage

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100 mA while receiving
700 mA in transmission mode
Receiver sensitivity better than 0.4 Microvolts
Transmitter Output Power 3 W nominal. (4W on 20 meters and on 10 meters band)
Low-pass amplifier Output Power 0.7 W
Intermediate Frequency 9 MHz
Band crystal filter bandwidth 2.9 kHz at -6dB
Carrier suppression more than 70dB
Suppression of non-operating side, more than 70 dB

img_20161118_112057-800x800Wanna buy one? Yes, the QRPver-1 v3 could be a nice present for Christmas 🙂
Only 180$ – 150euro. We believe the ham radio (QRP) is very affordable now with this tiny transceiver. It’s not the usual chinese one, we really can trust UR5FGY and this group of engineers from Ukraine…
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Best 73 de IZ0JOJ Antonio