QRP TEN-TEC 539 Argonaut VI transceiver

This transceiver is the new Ten-Tec QRP on the scene.
It is the model 539 Argonaut VI: a 10 watts  CW/LSB/USB/AM transceiver.


The Ten-Tec model 539 Argonaut VI is an attractive and very simple little radio. On the front panel there are only two knobs: one controls the AF gain, with the outer ring that controls RF gain. The other knob controls the bandwidth, while its outer ring controls the pass band. There are also four multi-function buttons, and a three-position toggle switch.

We read some negative comments about this radio, like why no 6 meters? or some of the other frequencies ?
But compared to an elecraft K2 we didn’thave complains about not having the amount of ham bands that the Argonaut Vl has. Look at the K1 : you get only 4 bands and no phone (microphone) just CW. We liked ten tecs simplistic approach. Every Ten Tec radio has a beautiful, elegant QSK – a hallmark of Ten Tec.
In the photo down here the Ten-Tec 539 Argonaut compared to an Elecraft K2
The ten tec 539 wins for audio fidelity, simplicity and weight but drains in rx more power


  • New Sensitive VFO tuning rate
  • 9.5 to 14 V  –  DC power requirements
  • Dynamic Range of 91dB 2 kHz
  • 1 up to 10 Watts power output
  • Keying output for 100 Watt with the Solid State Linear amplifier Model 418
  • Operate digital modes with full rated output
  • Legendary TEN-TEC quality QSK CW keying
  • Roofing Filter Standard 2.9 kHz  Included 2.5kHz effective through DSP

There are only two major cons:

  • No 12 and 60 meters.
  • No internal ATU – automatic antenna tuner and there isn’t an option for one
  • No internal batteries.


Here there is a video – full review of Ten-Tec model 539 Argonaut VI