Portable ham radio

Portable‘ operations is usually signified by ham radio amateur operators that loves to bring with themselves their radio. They append the suffix ‘/P’ to their callsign. Operating ‘/P’  means that stations are operating away from their licensed station address. Usually the ham radio frequency is the 0 – 30 Mhz – HF transceivers.

If you go ” portable ” you may choose to do QRP.

QRP means low power. Your transceiver ham radio is tiny and allowed to transmit only with few watts (less than 5 watts) and using a VERY portable and efficient antenna you may be able to talk with ham radio amateurs miles and miles far away from you. The record is 1 watt and 12000 miles ! 🙂

The motto of doing QRP and hence of doing ” portable ham radio ” is to “do more with less”.

These are all the QRP radio to go portable and doing hamradio:


  • K1
  • K2
  • KX1
  • KX3IcomIC-703 / IC-706


Index Labs

QRP+ / QRP++






For mobile operation on the HF bands, many of us use the Hamstick antennas attached to a mag-mount. It’s just few bucks (less than 25$) but now out of production. These stick antennas work on a single band. They require you to change the antenna when changing bands. Another design uses resonators attached to a permanent base section to operate on different bands. The resonators and fiberglass whip antennas use a standard 3/8-24 threaded mount.

Good results from a mobile station are much easier to obtain on the 20 meter and higher frequency bands. The need to keep antennas small makes operating on the “low bands” (40 meters and below) more of a challenge. The smaller coaxial feed lines, such as RG-174 and RG-58, also have higher losses.

Best antenna to go portable are

Check here clicking on the arrow down here to see a YOUTUBE video about a DX QRP PORTABLE ham radio.