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Why becoming Ham Radio operator?
How do I get into Ham Radio?
How do I get my first Ham Radio License?
How does Ham Radio work?
Is there more than one Ham Radio license?
What can I do with Ham Radio?
Why is it called “Ham” Radio?
Where do I get the Study Materials?
Is the exam Hard?
How much does a Ham License cost?
Do I have to learn Morse Code? 

How many easy questions!
Let’s start saying that in the States ham license release is done by ARRL.

Ham radio is the licensed use of ham radio equipment for private recreation, experimentation, emergency communications.
Ham radio operators are doctors, lawyers, farmers, CEOs, kings, politicians, plumbers or store clerks. They are male or female, young students or retired grandparents.
Once you get your own local license you can perform local operation with FM repeater or speaking with all the world in HF (high frequency 0 – 30 Mhz). you can use digital mode (RTTY, PSK31) or talk with other Ham radio op. in morse code (CW). Network computers over the radio with Packet. Send video over the radio with ATV (Amateur Television) – SSTV. Design and build antennas. Emergency Communications. Study the propagation.

Ham radio is cool. Talking to someone using ham radio is commonly known as a ‘QSO’ or a ‘contact’. And after a few ‘contacts’, you’ll be wanting to make more and more. There are many ways to make a QSO, some of the most common being through morse code (CW), phone (voice communications), and data (RTTY, PSK31 PSK63).

There are three licenses you can aim to:

[1] The Technician License
The entry-level license of choice for most new ham radio operators:
Just 35 questions on radio theory, regulations and operating practices. This license will give access to all Amateur Radio frequencies above 30 Mhz.

[2]The General License
Earning the General class license requires passing other 35 questions.
General class licensees must also have passed the Technician written examination.

[3]The Amateur Extra License. Earning the license is more difficult; it requires passing a thorough 50 question examination. Extra class licensees must also have passed all previous license class written examinations.

Tricks and tips:
It’s possible to memorize the answers and therefore to pass the exam: the question pool and answers are all fixed.
However If you are not an independent learner, some clubs offer classes.
There are some nice website like this (click on the arrows)


http://www.hamradiolicenseexam.com/index.html where you can test your preparation.