Ham radio deluxe is the software every ham radio operator is dreaming about. What is it? Well… it’s more than a simple software. Let’s have a look together!

First. Download it from this place.

Second. Enjoy the world’s Most Popular Ham Radio Software for Amateur Radio Operators.

Why Ham Radio Deluxe software is so downloaded?

I am a radioamateur that has reached almost 40k QSO on Ham Radio Deluxe. This software has no equal when it comes to Logging, Award Tracking, Satellite Tracking, Digital modes..including SSTV.  

There are more features than one will need. I would start to say that is user-friendly and very easy to learn. You can remote control your HF transceiver and antenna beam headings.

Yes, because you can use “Teamviewer” , a free software (available to download here) and operate your radio with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Ham radio deluxe – Technical support

The support is outstanding. There is a toll-free support landline or you can go online and start a ticket. The support team (always with your permission) can “remotely” diagnose and setup your HRD program.

Ham radio deluxe software – Which transceiver?

The HRD program will interface with virtually any of the popular transceivers (Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood etc. which have been sold over the past 25 years! Subscribers receive free updates as they are contstantly improving performance and adding features. You can download the program and “try before you buy” for up to 30 days.  

The integration level of Ham radio deluxe software is unique. Let’s start with some examples: 1) If my cursor is on a callsign and I press the QRZ.com button, the website pops-up with that callsign already located. 2) Uploading to LoTW, which would otherwise be a process, is just a single button push in HRD. 3) one can scan the list of DX clusters and see whether you’ve worked them, need them on that band or received confirmation from that callsign or country. 4) The awards section is worth a complimentary review of its own.

One can double click on that same DX cluster entry and, through integration, HRD will tune the rig to that frequency and mode, rotate the antenna and allow you to auto-populate several log fields if you make contact, including an entry on how best to QSL.

In conclusion

Ham Radio Deluxe is simply the best “wingman” operating aide to guide and enhance your on-air enjoyment… from user-friendly logging to award tracking, offering digital modes from CW decoding PSK to SSTV and out-of-this world satellite tracking! It’s a program for the casual operator as well as the serious contester. You’ll grow into it over time! Interested in remote operation from a vacation spot or second QTH? HRD has it and more. And for those people who are asking for ham radio deluxe crack .. hey guys!… stop, this software is unique, you should pay for it!! It’s only few $$. So download the trial and then…go for it! You can not regret to have paid few $