We are proud to reveal with this exclusive video the new version of FX9A transceiver.

As you can see there is a new LCD with nice colours.

It’s the upgraded version of FX-9A qrp HF transceiver.
HF radio with LSB / USB / CW modes.

9 HF bands: 160M / 80M / 40M / 30M / 20M / 17M / 15M / 12M / 10M
Output Power: SSB about 15W about 10W CW
Receiver sensitivity: about 0.5UV
SSB filter bandwidth: 2K
CW filter bandwidth: about 200HZ

High VSWR protection

Length: 15 cm Width: 9 cm height: 4.4 cm
Input voltage: DC 12-13.8V
Receiving current consumption of about 320 mAh,
Transmissionabout 3- 3.5 Amp
Net weight: 550 g