Why am I saying that “FT8 is not for QRP lovers”? Because thousands of ham radio operators are using at least 50 – 100 watts on FT8 mode to ensure the QSO. This is going against rules of fairness, but also penalize QRP ham radio fans

FT8 is a digital protocol born to facilitate HF transmission as fast and reliable between ham radio operators. I was very attracted by FT8 but I did not find it easy like it was with PSK31. In one hour time I had chance to have just 4 QSO ! It’s true that I have only a small transmitting loop and my power is only 10 watts! ๐Ÿ™ but… when I was transmitting in PSK31 I have collected tons of QSOs! And then, remember that in PSK you can select the station… and answering to him , selectively! There was “freedom”!

With FT8, indeed, there isn’t!

The truth is that there is no space for us QRP lovers. The truth is that your tiny signal is completely covered by the huge FT8 signals from Americans with their huge YAGI antenna and 100 watts and more. You don’t believe me? Just have a look at this forum thread!

Hey, do not blame me and my little tiny station! I read the “Operating Tips” but it did not work. I find this FT8 system very easy, too much easy (for dummies). Everything is setup, window of transmission (12 seconds) .. and if you thick an option the QSO goes without your intervention.

FT8 limits free text messages between hams to 13 characters! Where’s ham radio here? What kind of messaging could we get by this character limitation!?

They say: “FT8 opens up some enormous possibilities for the weak signal field operator” but it’s not the truth. Come on! FT8 is for big stations, you just need to click “Go, transmit” and everything is goin okay.

FT8 is not for QRP!

And guess what? Now they’re ready for FT4 (only 4 seconds!).

If you do agree with me that FT8 is not for QRP please leave a comment here. It was better before, with RTTY and PSK31! Just my 5 cents.