Elecraft KX3 vs Yaesu FT 817

Hello everybody. Welcome to the Elecraft KX3 versus Yaesu FT 817 quick comparison

The Price
The Elecraft KX3 comes with the MH3 microphone,  KXBC3 charger, USB port cable (to upload firmware, to use it as SDR receiver on your PC) (no battery, you should insert 8x AA) at the price of US$ 1120. An internal autotuner could be yours for 100$ and the price will increase up to 1300$ and, I can assure you, it is great. Super auto-tuner. Fast!

The Yaesu FT 817 (ND version) already comes with microphone,  charger,  battery and an antenna for about US$ 600. No autotuner could be purchased, not available yet. You may look for a LDG autotuner (150$ at least) or manual QRP one (EMTECH).

The receiver in the Elecraft KX3 is so good that it ranks among the top ones available today, beating transceivers like FT 1000 (!). It’s a new technology and you will never miss distant far QSO. Please see the video down here.

Power and weight
Elecraft KX3
has 10 watts while the Yaesu FT 817 has only 5 watts and it is a bit heavier (1.2Kg yeasu vs 0.7Kg Elecraft).

Yaesu FT 817
wins since it is the only one that has VHF/ UHF coverage with 5 watts and bnc antenna.

Known Issues
Elecraft KX3:
price (hi hi hi)
Yaesu FT 817:
finals very weak and easy to burn out.  Yaesu seems to fix this in the ND version!


In my humble opinion the Yaesu FT-817 has simple interface and seems to be more “friendly”. Lighter and good for SOTA and challenging trip.  The KX3 looks functional, but hardly a thing if beauty. It’s like a lady.. beautiful lady. You should treat her in a very very gentle way.
Enjoy the video comparison – click down here on the arrow




73 de IZ0JOJ