Elecraft KX3 software

Win4K3Suite (freeware)spectrumHR
The KX3 version of Win4K3Suite provides full control of the KX3 as well as a sound card based Spectrum Scope displaying KX3 signals in real time. Full support for point and click frequency changes for both VFO’s. Unlike many Software Defined Radio software, all demodulation, modulation and filtering of the KX3 signals are handled by the KX3 itself. This “Hybrid SDR” approach leaves the digital signal processing to the engineers at Elecraft, while providing a full featured spectrum scope like the P3 and full control of the radio. All other features of Win4K3Suite are included.

Elecraft companion (shareware)

Simple app (less than 5 euro only on ANDROID market) that will let you send and receive CW, PSK31 and RTTY by using your tablet.  You can set up to 10 macros to that can use dynamic symbols to have CallNameQTH and Locator automatically updated.

You need only the standard USB Serial cable that comes with the radio and inexpensive OTG Cable adapter to connect the serial USB to your mobile device. You can find them for 10 bucks on eBay.

Recently has been added a NEW FEATURE: Audio Spectrum and Waterfall! Selecting the “SPECTRUM” tool, the app shows the audio spectrum. For devices allowing that, you can also attach the KX3 Audio OUT to the device Audio IN for a better signal. The spectrum shows the DSP filter center frequency and its bandwidth. By touching the spectrum you can also see the shift and frequency of every single line. You can zoom in and out to have larger spectrum bandwidth. Selecting the “WATERFALL” tool, you can see how the spectrum evolved over time. It is very useful feature to spot every signal even the weakest ones!

  • Send and receive CW, PSK31 and RTTY using your Android device keyboard (or even a Bluetooth physical Keyboard)
  • Read and Write messages with room for hundreds of chars(depending on your mobile phone or tablet screen size)
  • XMIT (Chat) Mode – Transmit as you type. Perfect mode to be used with an external Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Switch mode (CW, PSK31, RTTY)
  • Set the frequency and go up/down bands
  • Record and recall up to 10 totally customized macros
  • 4 dynamic symbols for Call, Name, QTH and Locator to be used on macros (you can customize the symbols)
  • Set the CW WPM (Words Per Minute) value with a slider
  • Have up to 10 presets to set power, ATU or whatever you want to program (20 macros on tablet with large enough displays)
  • Customize the serial baudrate, dynamic symbols and date formats to adapt the app to your setup and needs
  • Record and share full QSO logs (everything you send and receive is recorded and saved in a text file)
  • Log your QSO in CSV and ADIF format and send them via email or to any external service supported by your mobile device (log date, time, mode, frequency, call, name, qth and locator)
  • Log received/send RST and received/sent contest serial numbers
  • Audio Spectrum and Waterfall with touch QSY to easy find and center signals!
  • SWR Meter to sweep a frequency range and see the SWR values over that range
  • Compatible with Elecraft K3 as well

K3NetServer for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

K3NetServer is a server application for the Mac that provides two-way communication between an iPhone via WiFi and an Elecraft K3 or KX3 radio attached to the Mac via a serial cable.

If you wish to use K3iNetwork or K3iDitDah with a Mac computer attached to your K3/KX3 via a serial port, you need to download and install one of the following available servers:

K3NetServer and SServer communicate with the K3/KX3 via a RS232 serial cable connected between the Mac and the K3/P3 or KX3. K3iNetwork or K3iDitDah communicate with K3NetServer or SServer over WiFi and commands are passed through K3NetServer or SServer to the K3/KX3. K3/KX3 responses are returned to K3iNetwork (iPhone) via K3NetServer or SServer and the WiFi connection.


PowerSDR (free, open source)

Software by flexradiosystem. Originally built to work with FLEX-5000, FLEX-3000, and FLEX-1500 FLEX Series software defined radios. But you can easily adapt to work with Elecraft KX3. Written in a combination of ANSI C and C#, FlexRadio PowerSDR software is easy to learn and modify.  Source code is available to encourage amateur SDR research and experimentation.


Feature Highligth

  • Real-Time High Resolution Multi-Function Panadapter Spectrum Display
  • PanaFall™ and PanaScope™ multi-displays for both Frequency and Time displays
  • Razor sharp, brick wall filters with resolution down to 10Hz with NO RINGING!
  • Continuously variable transmit and receive Passband filters
  • Visual Click Tune™ Frequency control
  • All digital AGC threshold control for optimal noise control
  • Dual VFOs and Dual-RX for enhanced Split mode operation
  • Receive and transmit audio Graphic Equalizer controls plus advanced transmit audio controls
  • Built-in Iambic memory keyer with keyboard entry feature
  • Seamless transverter support
  • Unlimited Memory channels
  • Over the air record and playback

Elecraft KX3 firmware:

please rely on the Elecraft WEBSITE at this address (archive)