Elecraft KX3 and 27 mhz (CB band)

Hello everybody,
somebody can turn up his nose if we talk of the best SDR transceiver that we want able to transmit on the 27MhZ (CB Band). Well, it’s true. We can use a simple 100$ Citizen Band transceiver – and enjoy it but… the first love will always be for ever! I believe 90% of us had first ham radio QSO on 27.555 MhZ – USB. At the end of the day, we happy user of KX3, would like to have the opportunity to transmit on the CB band / 11 meters band!

CB band SSB

CB band SSB transceiver

I did a quick search on internet to look for mods for our Elecraft KX3 to be able to transmit on 27 MhZ (CB band). The best would be to find mods for wide band transmitting. This is what I’ve found for you.

It seems there is a “widebander software tool” that is able to do the job…  (expanding the bands but except the 27 Mhz band). Just look for it on the net.

The best thing to do is to contact the Elecraft support team as I did:
You can (or at least, used to be able to) ask Elecraft for the K3 MARS TX unlock software. Here is the information received from Elecraft:
“Please find hereby attached the software to remove the TX Band limit and you’ll be able to work MARS frequencies. It is upon to the radioamateur to make sure he’s operating in conformity of law over the authorized frequencies. We cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized operation.

Please note that CB band is blocked for transmit at high power. It will not engage the KPAxx on this band. You can transmit. Only at low power (10-12watts). Do not forget to share with us your mod if you’ve found one! If you like to have more link / video please send down your comment. We, Elecraft KX3 users, would like to have a open band transceiver! 🙂 PLEASE, ELECRAFT, let us do the mod 🙂 It should be easy for everyone. It looks like somebody did it and he is able to transmit on the citizen band. . .only 5 watts yes, but this OM did a great job (we cannot tell more but …you can go here): click down here on the arrow.

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