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Propagation for QRP

Where the propagation for QRP is going to? It’s quite difficult to analyze the propagation in these years 2017-2018-2019-2020. The forecast is telling us that propagation for QRP is getting worse and worse. A good starting point is the propagation… Continue Reading →

The Discovery TX-500 by LAB599

Discovery TX-500 characteristics Discovery Tx-500 – Slim but how much? In the box Videos of the Discovery Tx-500

FT8 is not for QRP lovers

Why am I saying that “FT8 is not for QRP lovers”? Because thousands of ham radio operators are using at least 50 – 100 watts on FT8 mode to ensure the QSO. This is going against rules of fairness, but… Continue Reading →

What is a transceiver?

What is a transceiver? How often we asked for this question? It’s a word composed by the two : trans-mitter and receiver.Together they do TRANS-CEIVER.  It’s a device that can both transmit and receive communications, in particular a combined radio… Continue Reading →


FX9B QRP TRANSCEIVER – VIDEO LEAKED We are proud to reveal with this exclusive video the new version of FX9A transceiver. As you can see there is a new LCD with nice colours. It’s the upgraded version of FX-9A qrp… Continue Reading →

Full review of the YAESU FT 818

We present here a FULL review of the Yaesu FT 818. Finally this QRP radio has landed into ham radio world. After the best-selling YAESU FT 817 ND we have a new QRP device by YAESU, this famous Japanese ham… Continue Reading →

The QRPver-1 v3

The QRPver-1 v3 The QRPver-1 v3 is the new transceiver made in Ukraine by Yuriy Viktorovich Hubernatorov, UR5FYG, an excellent OM and engineer. QRPver Electronics is his site and represents a group of Odessa comrades radio engineers, have been developing and manufacturing a variety… Continue Reading →

Turkey government revokes 3213 ham radio licenses

Turkey government revokes 3213 ham radio licenses It has been confirmed by  Supreme Council of radio and television of Turkey (RTUK) the news that Mr. Erdogan – the president of Turkey has revoked 3213 national ham radio licenses. The HF radio in Turkey… Continue Reading →

Ham radio software for Mac

Download Ham Radio software for Mac from this website! You just landed on the right spot! Here we collected for you some nice link where you can download some of the best ham radio software for MAC ! Download it now!… Continue Reading →

Elecraft KX2 Transceiver

Elecraft KX2 Transceiver – Simply the best – Great news! Last May 19th, at 1300h Elecraft INC has released to the world the new Elecraft KX2 Transceiver! This will be the last engineer opera from this great company : after the… Continue Reading →

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