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Balun designs

Balun designs First of all , please remember: Baluns will not improve SWR (the exception is where a balun used as part of a matching network, I like to design and creat baluns by myself. Quality is top notch. Don’t waste your… Continue Reading →

Travel QRP HF antennas

(Best) Travel QRP HF antennas 1) Alex loop antenna. Who doesn’t know the alexloop antenna? This is the best solution you can have. QRP Travel antenna per antonomasia. This magnetic loop antenna has been designed by Alexandre Grimberg PY1AHD from… Continue Reading →


ALEXLOOP ANTENNA and FT 817 ND by Danny Garris, KJ4FH This is my Fully Portable HF operating System! Transmit & Receive ANY Frequency from 7Mhz to 30Mhz 1. AlexLoop WalkHam Antenna – Click here (and wait 5 seconds) to go… Continue Reading →

Wonderwand Loop Antenna review – 9H3FC

Wonderwand Loop Antenna review We have received this short but nice review from Chris 9H3FC / G4UDG. With a family holiday planned for Malta , i made plans to take my FT-817ND and a Wonder-loop 4010  antenna with me, i… Continue Reading →

Alex Loop antenna and remote tuner

Alex Loop antenna and remote tuner Alex and Ricardo Lima Caratti are working together on a REMOTE tuner for the famous Alex loop antenna. This video is about a remote control prototype for Alexloop.  This prototype works via Bluetooth.  You… Continue Reading →

Best QRP antenna – Our survey

Hello every body. Few weeks ago we asked in our forum ” Which is the best QRP antenna for our rig such as Yaesu Ft 817?” It seems that the END FED antenna is definitely the best antenna you can… Continue Reading →

VU3SXN QRP vertical buddy stick

VU3SXN presented on our forum his antenna: “Home mande QRP vertical buddy stick type foldable antenna capable up to 80 watts I always wanted an antenna for my qrp ft-817nd ,which can be used anywhere in any situation, and which can be… Continue Reading →

Review of Trail Friendly End Fed Antenna by LNR precision

End fed antenna The end fed antennas are full length half wave dipoles where the coax connector is at one end of the dipole, where it is most needed. The big advantage of these antennas is that can be mounted horizontally,… Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas from IZ0JOJ

Portable operation QRP from Termoli (CB) – Calling CQ on 15 meters band – End FED antenna by LNR precision Trail friendly (10-15-20-40 meters band) What to say? I spent 1 hour doing QSO over all ham radio bands. I… Continue Reading →

Alexloop HF antenna review – cost, considerations and tips

Alexloop HF antenna review – cost, considerations and tips Here you find PY1AHD describing and introducing us his great antenna that I personally tested with my two QRPs ( Icom 703 and Yaesu FT 817 ND).  What can we say on… Continue Reading →

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