Best QRP transceiver kit

Hendricks QRP radio
BITx – two version 20A (14 mhz) and 17A (18 mhz)
Score: 7/10

Bitx20A – 14 mhz (20 meters band) transceiver by Hendricks radio

The BitX20A and BitX17A are complete SSB kits with board, all parts, digital display and custom powder coated and punched case that is based on the BitX20 that was designed by Ashlan Farhan (VU3ICQ). The kit includes a commercial quality plated through, silkscreened, solder masked board, and all board mounted parts, plus the polyvaricon tuning capacitor, digital dial, custom powder coated and punched case, knobs and controls. Everything you need to build the kit is provided.The original design produces six watts of SSB on twenty metres and is based on a common bi-directional amplifier block using cheap NPN transistors. The radio also uses a filter using cheap crystals and mixing is done with 1N4148 diode.The current project is based on the new version produced by Henricks QRP Kits of Dos Palos, California. Known as the BIT20A, the kit is based on a professional PCB, has push-pull output and a number of other enhancements. As of October 9th, 2007, the first batch of 200 kits are being dispatched around the world. These transceiver kit represent a real bargain.

Receiver: 9. Not noisy at all. Decent single conversion receiver.
Portable: 3. Poor. No battery enclosure
Power: around 5 watts basing on our test @13.8 V

Tribander CW transceiver qrp kit
(Any three ham bands, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17 or 15 meters)
Score 7.5/10

KD1JV tribander CW transceiver kit

  • 5 watts output on all bands with 13.8V supply
  • Built in Iambic keyer with 5 to 40 wpm code speed, selectable Iambic A or B modes and two 63 character message memories.
  • Receiver sensitivity, 0.2 uV MSD
  • DDS VFO for rock steady stability with 50 Hz and 200 Hz tuning rates
  • Easy to read four digit LED display with leading zero suppression.
  • Rotary knob tuning
  • RIT (receive incremental tuning)
  • Four IF crystals for excellent selectivity and opposite side band rejection

Receiver: 8.5 – Decent single conversion. No QRM at all. Excellent work by IF crystals. Especially on 20 meters.
Portable: 5. Small size, 6″ wide, 1.5″ tall and 4″ deep. 12 ounces (light weight)
Power. 8 – 5 watts out. 90 mA on receive and 800 mA when on air
Small wonder labs
CW or PSK 40, 30, 20 meters kit
Score 8.5 / 10  

Small wonder lab rockmite

 It is a capable single band, DDS-synthesized, superhet, 2W transceiver. It has a built-in PIC-based keyer, and the PIC provides a number of other functions in controlling the rig. You have an audio frequency readout, in CW; a really nice RIT; two tuning rates that really do the job-using an optical encoder; and an extended frequency range on receive, covering pretty much the entire 40M band and some beyond. DSWs are currently available for 40M, 30M, and 20M. All HF bands are planned. At about $90 for the basic pc board and parts, and another $35 for the cabinet, it’s incredible. And that striking blue cabinet with engraved front and rear panel legends makes the cabinet practically a necessity! Total construction time was 1 day. Nice and easy construction. What we like is that is very small and with low power consumption (only 32 mAh). That’s great! This QRP radio kit is capable of putting out 2.5 watts with adjustable power  ( 1 watt up to 2.5 watts).

  •  Single-board transceiver, 2.8 x 4.0″ (7 x 10.1 cm)
  •  True VFO: 35-40 kHz coverage
  •  Superheterodyne design, with crystal filtering
  •  Quiet solid-state T-R switching (QSK)

Receiver 8. Excellent radio kit. Good built with true VFO and no QRM.
10. Outstanding. In a tuna tin it will be perfect.
Power 7.  Two watts are okay for us – it’s a QRP and we love QRP for this reason but 5 watts would be perfect.

SDR Cube transceiver kit
1-30 mhz transceiver
Score 7/10

SDR Cube – transceiver

 The SDR Cube is a totally self-contained, embedded best SDR all mode transceiver (CW, SSB, AM) . It uses a Softrock for the RF front end and a pc board implementation of an HF modem.  You don’t need a PC / MAC to use the SDR Cube, as all DSP processing is accomplished by an embedded DSP processor on the three internal pc boards.  The Cube is designed to fit into an optional 4” x 4” x 4.5” pre-cut,black powder-coated aluminum enclosure containing all controls, a blue graphic display indicating transceiver settings and an exciting 8 kHz-wide band scope of spectrum signals, and the popular Softrock RXTX v6.3 board.
What we liked:
 Low Power … 90ma (Cube), plus 100 ma (Softrock Rx) or 400 ma (Software Tx)
 Graphic LCD Display … Provides clear indications of the many status and options
 Bandscope … Provides +/- 4 kHz spectrum visibility for Rx, signal monitor for Tx
 Audio filtering … Low corner 200Hz, high corners 700, 1500, 2400 or 3600Hz
Receiver: 9. Excellent receiver. No problem to copy long distance signals.
Portable: 3.5. Not very easy to transport.
Power: 8 – Low power adsorption. Only 120 mA.
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