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Few weeks ago we asked in our forumWhich is the best QRP antenna for our rig such as Yaesu Ft 817?

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It seems that the END FED antenna is definitely the best antenna you can have on the market.
It is easy to deploy, in any configuration, easy to transport (less than 10 cm of space and less than 50 gr). No need of Auto Tuner. Click down here on the arrow to have see our review on end fed antenna (LNR precision – trail friendly 40/20/10 meters band)

It’s the end fed antenna Ultimax vs End fed antenna Trail Friendly by LNR precision?
What about G5RV filare antenna, or the MP1 superantenna for our QRP ?
Do you know also the Buddystick or Buddipole antenna? Yes! They are great …but also expensive.
Why spend more if you can have have better results with cheaper hand made antenna?

Which is the best ANTENNA for QRP? this is a great survey!

Wanna say yours? Please partecipate at the topic.

If you would like indeed to see a review on END FED ANTENNA Trail friendly 10/20/40 mt LNR precision please click down on the arrow!

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