Amplifier for Yaesu FT 817 QRP

Hi everybody!
Because of some ham radio operators are getting bored of the yaesu ft 817 output power of “only” 5 watts… there are several kit to buy to assure 50 watts or 100 watts. Maybe, when the propagation isn’t so great, having of this tool could be interesting. Here we are doing a quick review on which is the best amplifier / linear for Yaesu FT 817

I know there are some nice HAM linears available but they either are to big, to expensive or both! The Tokyo HighPower HL-45B is one of those and I do also like the RM HLA 150 linear from Italy.

There is also a chinese one. Click down here Here to have more on this product. 

Schermata 2015-01-24 alle 21.12.52120 euro, spedition cost included from China.

I have used this chinese amplifier for 1 week and to be fair with you it works very well. Reliable and quite efficient. Inside it seems a perfect tcopy of the RM HLA. Cloned maybe? It has all the band filters built in and give a pretty clean signal for this type of amplifier.
RF input:  1 – 2 – 5 watts
RF Output: 45 watts
Weight is about 510 grams and it is very tiny.  Cooling is passive.
I think it sounds as perfect match for our yeasu ft 817 ND.

KL300 P (by RM italy)

KL300P (by RM Italy) is my favorite product.  It’s very stable, solid as rock and seems indestructible. Little bit expensive:
Its cost is 110 euro plus spedition.
IN : 1 – 2 – 5 watts (SSB / CW)
OUT : 300 watts.
Weight: 610 grams.

Please note that this linear is not allowed in the USA but in most other countries it is. In europe you’re allowed to use any equipment if you have a HAM license as long as you keep to the rules of your license. I have a full HAREC license (comparable to the Extra license in the USA) so I’m allowed to use any and all HAM radio equipment.

Tokyo High Power (THP) HL 50b

The Tokyo HighPower (THP) linear in comparison costs 630 euro (925 USD) and will give you 45 watts.
Weight: 1.6 kg
Current drain:
8.5 Amp.

QRP radio: For every linear / amplifier you select, please think about is that the linear works with a SWR of maximum 1:1.5.  This means you should have a good antenna and / or a good tuner to get the SWR as low as possible. Click down here to see a nice video on these QRP AMPLIFIER kits