Alexloop HF antenna review – cost, considerations and tips

Here you find PY1AHD describing and introducing us his great antenna that I personally tested with my two QRPs ( Icom 703 and Yaesu FT 817 ND).  What can we say on this loop antenna? Only one word: excellent. Let’s review together Pro & cons.

– very portable, light.
– excellent reports
– magnetic antenna (low QRM)

– price (more than 300$)
– no remote tuning available yet

alex_1The Alex loop antenna is inside this bag ! 🙂

Before there were two versions of the AlexLoop (a kit using copper tube for the radiating element with the cost of $199 US.) The other and now definitive version is the so called “WalkHam“, which uses stout coaxial cable (RG 213) for the main loop and comes ready built in its own custom made carrying case similar to a laptop case. The price of the AlexLoop WalkHam is $349 US.

alex_2-2 Alex loop antenna – as soon as you open the zip !

The loop is 1 metre in diameter and tuned using an air spaced variable capacitor with a 3:1 reduction drive giving a 4 : 1 tuning range: 10m – 40m. Most magnetic loops including home-made ones only manage a tuning range of 3:1: 10m – 30m or 15m – 40m.

Once again Alexander PY1AHD showing off his antenna!
The antenna is designed for QRP operations (max 25 watts SSB or 10 watts AM/FM) and can be hand-helded and tuned with the thumb during walks on pedestrian operation. You can also make it supported on a tripod and turned freely to kill noise sources. The AlexLoop will work perfectly only 1 meter above the ground, so you can support it on a tripod an operate confortable seated on a camping chair.

The AlexLoop is the perfect company for your camping, travel, hotel, ship as well it will work perfectly on balconies and windows presenting a omnidiretional radiation pattern. If you like to see an excellent VIDEO on how to improve performance of this great antenna (Alex loop antenna hf) please click down here on the arrow.



What do you think about this antenna?  have you ever used it? 

73 de IZ0JOJ