The Discovery TX-500 by LAB599

The Discovery TX-500 by LAB599

Let’s talk clearly: this is the new dream for thousand of radioamateurs. If Yaesu failed to update his yeasu FT 817 (with an identical one : FT 818), now we can tell that the DISCOVERY TX-500 by LAB599 is the best QRP SDR radio available on the market.

Discovery TX-500 characteristics

This brand new QRP SDR radio comes from the best minds of LAB599 – a ham radio lab based in Spain.

It’s a beautiful ruggedized and portable QRP transceiver radio. Let’s have a look together at this beast! 

  • 10 watts
  • Receiver / transmitter on HF + 6 meters
  • Weight: just half kilograms 
  • Ruggedized, water proof
  • Available in November 2019
  • Price: 650 Eur

This QRP radio transceiver  Discovery TX-500 by LAB599 has been built during the 2017-2018 after several tests. Now it outperforms and, according to the opinion of IZ8FFC, works better than an Elecraft KX3. The beauty of this SDR RADIO QRP TRANSCEIVER is that is very slim and ruggedized.


Discovery Tx-500 – Slim but how much?

The TX-500 Discovery by Lab599 is an ultra compact SDR Transceiver. It measures only 30 mm in thickness. The other dimensions are: (H*W*D): 90 mm (3.5″) * 207 mm (8.1″) * 21 mm (0.8 “);

Thickness of this great QRP transceiver TX 500 by LAB599
Pics downloaded from
Dimensions of this great QRP transceiver TX 500 by LAB599
Pics downloaded from

Online updates!

Yes this Discovery TX-500 QRP transceiver has the capability to have the firmware updated on-line ; cable are added in the box and instructions are very clear for the entire process update.

In the box

What the package includes of this great QRP transceiver TX 500 by LAB599
Pics downloaded from

Videos of the Discovery Tx-500

FT8 is not for QRP lovers

FT8 is not for QRP lovers

Why am I saying that “FT8 is not for QRP lovers”? Because thousands of ham radio operators are using at least 50 – 100 watts on FT8 mode to ensure the QSO. This is going against rules of fairness, but also penalize QRP ham radio fans

FT8 status during transmission

FT8 is a digital protocol born to facilitate HF transmission as fast and reliable between ham radio operators. I was very attracted by FT8 but I did not find it easy like it was with PSK31. In one hour time I had chance to have just 4 QSO ! It’s true that I have only a small transmitting loop and my power is only 10 watts! 🙁 but… when I was transmitting in PSK31 I have collected tons of QSOs! And then, remember that in PSK you can select the station… and answering to him , selectively! There was “freedom”!

With FT8, indeed, there isn’t!


The truth is that there is no space for us QRP lovers. The truth is that your tiny signal is completely covered by the huge FT8 signals from Americans with their huge YAGI antenna and 100 watts and more. You don’t believe me? Just have a look at this forum thread!

Hey, do not blame me and my little tiny station! I read the “Operating Tips” but it did not work. I find this FT8 system very easy, too much easy (for dummies). Everything is setup, window of transmission (12 seconds) .. and if you thick an option the QSO goes without your intervention.

FT8 limits free text messages between hams to 13 characters! Where’s ham radio here? What kind of messaging could we get by this character limitation!?


They say: “FT8 opens up some enormous possibilities for the weak signal field operator” but it’s not the truth. Come on! FT8 is for big stations, you just need to click “Go, transmit” and everything is goin okay.

FT8 is not for QRP!

And guess what? Now they’re ready for FT4 (only 4 seconds!).

If you do agree with me that FT8 is not for QRP please leave a comment here. It was better before, with RTTY and PSK31! Just my 5 cents.

What is a transceiver

What is a transceiver

What is a transceiver?

How often we asked for this question? It’s a word composed by the two : trans-mitter and receiver.
Together they do TRANS-CEIVER.  It’s a device that can both transmit and receive communications, in particular a combined radio transmitter and receiver. A receiver can only receive and a transmitter can only transmit. The term originated in the early 1920s.
The term transceiver for Ham Radio user is quite common. But in the general communication (Engineering) we can also distinguish SFT module (Small-Factor Pluggable) – particular connector optic fibers, Ethernet and SONET.
The SFP has replaced the GBIC connector, which has the big advantage to be little.
Standard velocities of SFP are 155Mbps, 622Mbps, 1Gbps, 1.25Gbps, 2.5Gbps, 3Gbps, 4.25Gbps, 10Gbps (SFP+) e 25Gbps (SFP28).  Maximul distance tested are 220m, 300m, 2km, 10km, 20km, 40km, 60km, 80km, 100km, 120km e 150km.
The XFP transceiver indeed (10 Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable) is another connector which use only optic fibers.
What is a transceiver in the HAM RADIO World.

It’s a device which cost several hundreds of $$$ which is able to transmit and receive. You obviously need a good Antenna to transmit the signl over the space. HF is the frequency of transmission. High Frequency ( 0 – 30 Mhz ).
The transceiver is made of transistors, condensators and resistors. Inside you will find two or three motherboards which are able to receive and make possibile the transmission. The best companies in the world that produce and sell these HF transceivers are: KENWOOD, YAESU, ELECRAFT, ICOM.
If you are looking indeed for a transceiver HF VHF UHF : here is the answer. Yaesu FT 857.
I would also recommend the YAESU FT 817 ND – very compact transceiver.  These two are the best transceiver HF VHF UHF. But what does a HF VHF UHF means?  Quite simple: it’s a transceiver able to transmit on these 3 bands (0-30 HF, 144-146 VHF, 430 – 440 UHF)!

Which are the best amateur radio stores in the world? 

Well, if you ask which are the amateur radio stores it’s quite hard to list here all of them.
In Europe for sure the WIMO ( it’s the best ham radio store where you can all the transceivers available on the market. In USA indeed the best amateur radio stores are the and the Remember always to get in touch with these amateur radio stores via email / ask any info you like.

Looking for SDR Transceivers?

There is no yaesu sdr transceiver. There is no Kenwood sdr transceiver. There is no ICom SDR transceiver. Yes , these companies do not produce SDR transceiver. Quite a shame I would say.
What’s a SDR transceiver? SDR stands for sofware defined radio (SDR). It’s a radio communication system where components that have been typically implemented in hardware (e.g. mixers, filters, amplifiers, modulators/demodulators, detectors, etc.) are instead implemented by means of software on a personal computer or embedded system. I suggest you also to visit these links, especially if you’re looking for a kit.

Transceiver meaning ?
Quite easy. As said before: the 
transceiver meaning is a device able to transmit and receive on the same frequency in different modes : SSB (USB, LSB), AM, FM, CW. There are also digital modes like FT8. So the transceiver meaning for ham radio users is the following: ability to speak, to talk to many other people for free. Just experiment! Try your best antenna, test your transceiver.

Transceiver meaning ? Just fun!!!
Do not confound the HF transceiver of an optical transceiver !
What’s an optical transceiver? It’s this pictured below!

Well, quite different. Isn’t it? The optical transceiver is a device able to assure the communication between different devices at data-rate of 100G/ 40G/ 10G/ 8G/ 6G/ 4G/ 3G Video/ PON / 2.5G/ 2.125G/ 1.25G/ 622M/ 155M/100Mbps network. The optical transceiver uses fiber optical technology to send and receive data. The transceiver has electronic components to condition and encode/decode data into light pulses and then send them to the other end as electrical signals. To send data as light, it uses light source, which is controlled by the electronic parts, and to receive light pulses, it makes use of a photodiode semiconductor. Quite simple isn’t it?
The optical transceiver is completely different from a SDR transceiver.



We are proud to reveal with this exclusive video the new version of FX9A transceiver.

As you can see there is a new LCD with nice colours.

It’s the upgraded version of FX-9A qrp HF transceiver.
HF radio with LSB / USB / CW modes.

9 HF bands: 160M / 80M / 40M / 30M / 20M / 17M / 15M / 12M / 10M
Output Power: SSB about 15W about 10W CW
Receiver sensitivity: about 0.5UV
SSB filter bandwidth: 2K
CW filter bandwidth: about 200HZ

High VSWR protection

Length: 15 cm Width: 9 cm height: 4.4 cm
Input voltage: DC 12-13.8V
Receiving current consumption of about 320 mAh,
Transmissionabout 3- 3.5 Amp
Net weight: 550 g

YAESU FT 818 – First photos leaked

YAESU FT 818 – First photos leaked

YAESU FT 818 – First photos leaked

First photo of the new YAESU FT 818

Finally the YAESU FT 818 is coming into ham radio world. After the great seller YAESU FT 817 ND we have a new QRP device by YAESU. Apparently has been presented to the FCC on the 8th Jan 2018 but only since few days the first photos are coming up!

Leaks confirms this QRP YAESU FT 818 radio covers 0.1 – 470MHz,  receiver is superheterodyne comes with a rear gold BNC connector and it’s battery operated (LIPO). Four band HF transceiver: 0.01-30MHz, 50-54MHz, 76-154MHz and 420-470MHz. 

Even if many OMs would have loved a SDR receiver, the YAESU has preferred the superheterodyne but a renovated scheme which should be more sensitive. Full USB interface (CAT + audio), larger screen (see photo), 3 Ah LiPo internal battery,  12W output, IF-DSP and….. AUTO TUNER !!!

The ATU feature was widely expected.  ATU will be operative only on HF bands.

YAESU FT 818 schemes and manuals will be officially released on the 6th of August 2018.
It will be available on the market since September 15th 2018 but it will be presented for sure at TOKYO ham radio fair (AUGUST 2018).

Further details could be found on this website or on the FCC website (search for Grantee Code K66 & Product Code 03770X30).

Best 73

The complete review of XIEGU X5105

The complete review of XIEGU X5105

The complete review of XIEGU X5105

Here, there is. We have the Xiegu X5105 – Full review down here.
After 7 months of long waiting we have commercially available since September 1st, the XIEGU X5105: the last HF+50 mhz TRANSCEIVER from this chinese, but high quality, company.
We have reviewed it for first thanks to Stephen (Xiegu) who has recognized this website as reference for many ham radio operateurs. The package was well made (See video) and in only 4 days arrived home. Honk Kong to Bordeaux, France. Wow.

The box contained 1) the xiegu x5105   2) a power cord   3) the microphone and his cable.  4) instructions, warranty 1 year and some adhesive from XIEGU.

The xiegu x5105 weights only 550 grams and when compared to the Elecraft KX3 it looks smaller (2 cm less in length). X5105’s LCD is brighter than KX3 and this is more like a box. The LCD, when you turn it on, shows a “welcome” from the XIEGU company.  When the X5105 is on you can clearly see on the display: VFO-A (B) , Mode (CW, CW-R, USB, LSB, NFM, AM), Power in % (100, when it arrives to you:-) ) FREQUENCY in big capital cyphre, then S-METER, VOLUME, Pre-amplication option /yes or no, AGC, Filter.

On the botton of the LCD there is the MENU.

The xiegu X5105 performs very well on HF bands. Unfortunately I didn’t have chance to test it on every band due to no good propagation. I had chance to make some QSO in 30 and 20 meters with SM (Sweden), SV (Greece) and E (spain). USB modulation has been reported as “excellent”.
Soon I will add some audio in regards of this modulation. Speech could be improved within the menu: compression ON.

Accessing the menu is quite easy: there is a MENU button, at the bottom right of the panel. There are several options you can access to: Noise reduction, Noise blanking, Filtering, Notch, AGC, Memories, KEY (CW), Recording messages (up to 3). Last page of the menu is the info, and version of the XIEGU X5105 software.


We compared the two transceivers. Check it out by yourself which one is the smaller (we will tell you which one is the lighter!).

Yes, the XIEGU X5105 wins. And it’s also lighter! 120 grams less!

When you connect it to the socket and leave it in charge, the LCD will show you mAh of your battery and how much charge there is. Good for monitoring your internal battery pack when powered off and on charge.

Charging and maintenance of internal battery
X5105 has a built-in 5000mAh battery pack. When the external power supply is not connected, the battery pack supplies power to the X5105, when the X5105 is connected with an external power supply, the circuit inside the machine automatically switches to the external power supply.

In few words:
ALL BANDS COVERING: With a built-in power output of 5W, Xiegu X5105 is a highly portable transceiver working at HF+6m band, covering all modes of HF, 50MHz band (SSB/CW/AM/FM/RTTY/PSK).
LCD: Xiegu X5105 is equipped with a 3.6 inch large LCD screen and built-in 3800mAh large capacity battery pack. Besides, it also comes with a trestle for desktop operation.
IF OUTPUT: With IF signal output (1 IF: 70.455MHz, 2 IF: 10.695MHz, 3 IF 455kHz (FM)).
PORTABLE SIZE: Very small in size and ultra portable (6.3*3.9*1.8in) with an original speaker mic, convenient to carry.
WHAT’S MORE: Built in ATU; Built in AF-DSP digital noise reduction processor.

Basic Specifications
Frequency range:
Receive: 500kHz-30MHz 50MHz-54MHz
Transmitting: 160 meters -6 meters (Amateur band only)
Operating mode: A1A(CW), A3E(AM),J3E(USB/LSB), F3E(FM)
minimum frequency stepping: 1Hz
Antenna impedance: 50Ω
Operating temperature range: -10℃ ~ +60℃
Frequency stability: after turn on the radio 1-60 minutes is ± 2ppm, @25℃: 1ppm/hour
supply voltage: normal: 13.8VDC + 15%, negative grounding
Operating voltage: 9.0-15.0VDC, negative grounding
Current consumption: receive: 660mA@ Max transmit: 2.5A@ Max
Battery capacity: 3800mAh @12V
Dimensions: 160*100*46mm / 6.3*3.9*1.8in [does not include protrusion]
Weight: 0.62 kg

Transmitter Parameters
5W(SSB/CW/FM), 1.5W(AM carrier), @13.8VDC
Modulation mode: SSB balanced modulation/AM low level amplitude modulation/FM Variable reactance frequency modulation
FM Maximum frequency swing: ±5kHz
spur reduction: -45dB
Carrier suppression: >40dB
Sideband spurious: >50dB
SSB frequency response: 400Hz-2800Hz(-6dB)
Microphone impedance: 200-10k(conventional 600Ω)

Receiver Parameters:
Double-conversion superheterodyne with audio DSP
IF frequency: 1 IF: 70.455MHz, 2 IF: 10.695MHz, 3 IF 455kHz (FM)
Image rejection ratio: 70dB
IF suppression: 60 dB
Audio output: 0.6W (8Ω, ≤10% THD)
Audio output impedance: 4-16Ω
SSB-6dB: 2.4kHz/-60dB: 4.6kHz
AM-6dB: 6.0kHz/-60dB: 25.0kHz
FM-6dB: 12.0kHz/-60dB: 25.0kHz

Price: 640$

Wanna see our VIDEO review?

Thanks for watching the Xiegu X5105 – Full review

After having contacted the XIEGU company we are proud to announce a 5% or 10% (depends) discount to who would like to buy this new XIEGU X5105. This will be posted (DHL) the day after to your address. If  interested please write down here in the comments your Callsign to be in touch with us.



Hello every HAM RADIO Enthusiast,

It looks like some photos of the UPCOMING XIEGU HF TRANSCEIVER (5105 model) have been leaked. We received these photos from the East part of the world.

Briefly the X5105 model, produced from this promising Chinese Company (XIEGU) is a highly portable, reliable,  HF transceiver working the HF plus 6m band. Built-in power output of 5W.
On these leaked pre-production photos, seems there will be a ATU (automatic antenna tuner) which is great. Weight should be only 750 grams and it looks to be very transportable. Rugged construction.

Technical features: double-conversion superheterodyne, fitted with up to 3 lithium batteries of 18,6 Amperes each.

As you see the 5000mAh battery pack is removable.

Inside the PCBs

Front panel.

These are the leaked photos of XIEGU X5105 model.
Looking forward to have it in our hands for a review.
Definitely is the most interesting product of 2017.

Cost around 450$? Expected to be released in August 2017.
You can book and reserve yours here ..
Write down in the comments.

The QRPver-1 v3

The QRPver-1 v3

The QRPver-1 v3

The QRPver-1 v3 is the new transceiver made in Ukraine by Yuriy Viktorovich Hubernatorov, UR5FYG, an excellent OM and engineer. QRPver Electronics is his site and represents a group of Odessa comrades radio engineers, have been developing and manufacturing a variety of radio.

As you see in the video The QRPver-1 v3 is really microscopic and easy to manipulate. We haven’t test yet but we look forward to it.

The website states that “this transceiver is built on the scheme with a single superheterodyne frequency conversion and four Crystal quartz filter. A micro controller is able to control everything you see on the display. The frequency synthesizer used as a local oscillator on-chip SI5351. USB/LSB and CW are available as well the digital modes (FSK PSK RTTY)”


The QRPver-1 v3 has following characteristics:
Two AGC mode (Fast / Low)
Vertical / semi-automatic keyer
Enable / disable the transmission of AF signal at the input.
For digital modes (DIGI-VOX)
The offset frequency for CW
Self-control for CW
Lock encoder
Indication of low voltage

100 mA while receiving
700 mA in transmission mode
Receiver sensitivity better than 0.4 Microvolts
Transmitter Output Power 3 W nominal. (4W on 20 meters and on 10 meters band)
Low-pass amplifier Output Power 0.7 W
Intermediate Frequency 9 MHz
Band crystal filter bandwidth 2.9 kHz at -6dB
Carrier suppression more than 70dB
Suppression of non-operating side, more than 70 dB

img_20161118_112057-800x800Wanna buy one? Yes, the QRPver-1 v3 could be a nice present for Christmas 🙂
Only 180$ – 150euro. We believe the ham radio (QRP) is very affordable now with this tiny transceiver. It’s not the usual chinese one, we really can trust UR5FGY and this group of engineers from Ukraine…
Would you like more info? Test, full review and videos? Click down here on the arrow



Best 73 de IZ0JOJ Antonio

The pSDR – portable SDR transceiver

The pSDR – portable SDR transceiver

The pSDR – portable SDR transceiver

pSDR portable transceiver
pSDR portable transceiver

Now available. This is a QRP 5 watts only HF transceiver 0 – 30 Mhz. It’s an open source Portable HF SDR Transceiver made by Mike Colton (KE7HIA). Named the PSDR. Ah, I forget: it has also 144 MHz band. The transceiver base his force on the CPU ARM 168MHz, colour display, and an innovative interface. Vector Network Analysis (which includes antenna analysis) and GPS functions are included.

The PSDR radio recently won 3rd place in the 2014 International Hack a Day prize competition and has now launched over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website with the aim of raising $60,000 to make the jump into manufacture.

PSDR transceiver - Ready to be Assembled
PSDR transceiver – Ready to be Assembled

Michael colton in his last interview, declared: I’m an avid backpacker and radio enthusiast. To me there is something exciting about making contact with others from remote locations where cell phones and the internet can’t reach. I wanted an advanced radio that was ideally suited to tough environments.

That meant I it needed to be very compact, integrated, and durable. As an engineer, I wanted an open platform that really takes advantage of the hardware and has the potential to grow and be used for other applications.

There are numerous, excellent radios out there, but none offered the combination I wanted. The best radios are closed source, larger, and expensive, while most open designs are very basic and lacking in flexibility.”

… soon available. 

Available on the market since next Spring. Be aware this is a “beta version” with only few milliwatts as output. Speakers, not functionally working. Next step, Michael said, will be to increase power up to 4 watts at least.  Click down here on the arrow to see a full complete review on PSDR HF transceiver 🙂

73 de IZ0JOJ

Turkey government revokes 3213 ham radio licenses

Turkey government revokes 3213 ham radio licenses

Turkey government revokes 3213 ham radio licenses
It has been confirmed by  Supreme Council of radio and television of Turkey (RTUK) the news that Mr. Erdogan – the president of Turkey has revoked 3213 national ham radio licenses. The HF radio in Turkey is now silent. No transmissions are allowed.


Following the coup d’etat – of July 5th – many things are changing in Turkey.  TV , Radio licenses have been cancelled and this involved also our colleagues : ham radio amateurs. The number of amateur radio operators in Turkey is not too much, but according to the site it looks like that around 3000 licenses have been revoked. Who’s transmitting outside turkey without licence should be considered a pirate – said Mr Erdogan.

The Supreme Council of radio and television of Turkey (RTUK) has cancelled the licenses of over 20 radio and television broadcasters as well ham radio operators.

The Telsiz ve Radyo Amatörleri Cemiyeti (TRAC)  is the national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in turkey.  The TRAC was founded in 1962 as the Türkiye Radyo Amatörleri Cemiyeti, adopting its current name in 1980. It’s located in Istanbul, with branches in 44 locations across Turkey. TRAC is the national member society representing Turkey in the IARU. Now, it has been closed down.

We look forward to have news from Turkey ham radio league.

Turkey’s coup in numbers

21,000 private teachers have licences removed
15,000 suspended from education ministry
8,000 police officers detained or suspended
6,000 soldiers detained
1,500 staff at Ministry of Finance dismissed
3213 ham radio operators with license revoked.
2745 judges dismissed
1,577 deans – Education board demands resignation
492 sacked from Religious Affairs Directorate
399 from Ministry of Family and Social Policies stripped of responsibilities
257 fired from the prime minister’s office
100 intelligence officials sacked
47 district governors dismissed
30 provincial governors dismissed
20 news websites blocked
It’s look like this news has been labelled as “FAKE” – Yesterday we gave this news for first after a quick phone chat with ham radio op. In Istanbul. Apparently there was no interdiction to use HF radio