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QRP SDR Transceivers

QRP SDR Transceivers

(SDR = Software defined radio) – What is software defined radio ? 
A new class of transceiver is coming into our shack. We believe these QRP SDR transceivers will definitely change how way to do Ham radio but probably not take over completely. These transceivers before were depending on a pc all the time (not so portable, hi hi hi). In the last 4 years some qrp sdr transceivers didn’t require a pc like the Elecraft KX3, SDR Cube. So we can expect that more transceivers of this type will be available soon.

  1. RadWav – Website – Price around 200$
    SkyPi-40 is a fully synthesized (1 watt) QRP SDR transceivers that works with the Raspberry Pi Model B or B+.  Made to go transmitting in WSPR mode it would be nice to see how far your station can reach using just 1 Watt.  SkyPi-40 includes open-source software to transmit power efficient WSPR signals, plus RTTY, and CW.  This has allowed SkyPi-40 to reach 18,105 km using a wire antenna!  More modes are in development. Price is around 200$ – Maybe a little bit high priced for a single band QRP SDR transceivers.

2. ELAD FDM DUO – Website – Price around 1000$
Italian brand, Italian quality.  It is a QRP SDR transceivers HF radio with 8W power output. Full coverage in HF : 160M to 6M and, most importantly, is a stand alone radio. Direct sampling receiver operating @ 122.88MHz ADC, 16bit. Little bit expensive but who had this nice tiny device said he was very satisfied with it.


QRP SDR transceivers

3. The mcHF qrp Transceiver project – Website – Price around 300$


QRP SDR transceivers

W0MKA has just realized this low cost (and tiny) QRP SDR transceivers. It’s not very clear how you can get one of these QRP because W0MKA makes limited quantities of the boards available from time to time as well as the display. We invite you to visit his website. He’s offering the QRP kit at 220£ (english pounds). Not too bad. Not included final mosfet and speakers.

4. Genesis project
It has been defined as the “The Best SDR Kit on the Amateur Radio Market”
The G59 is an all-mode 160-6m QRP SDR transceivers with 10mW of output power. The output can be boosted to 10W if you add the GPA10 module (a linear amplifier). We didn’t have to test it but many ham radio who had this tiny SDR said that looks nice. We wait eagerly to have one of these and get our reports on the air. Cost is around 399$. Not so bad.

Receiver: adjustable synthesizer with 1Hz step, IIP3 32-35dBm,  MDS: -116 to -122dBm (RF preamplifier ON: -132 to -134dBm.).  RX Sensitivity is 0.15-0.2uV for 10 dB S/N ratio and max S/N measured ratio is 70dB. Second RX antenna input. Transmitter: G59 output power: 10mW, GPA10 output power: adjustable 0-10W.

Will SDR technology make HF transceivers less expensive? 

Definitely yes: SDR RF equipment is likely to become cheaper with this kind of worldwide competition. QRP SDR transceivers are more likely to be used without a PC. These should become cheaper as well, because of the fewer parts.

In conclusion
We can say the QRP SDR transceivers are coming on the market and yes… they are very expensive at the present time.
We believe new technology is coming and we have to welcome this new QRP SDR transceivers. We already face the question ” what is software defined radio ” but down here there are other links where you can click and get more documentation.


Genesis G59 Software Defined Radio Transceiver SDR QRP
RTL-SDR – the bible of SDR users



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