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QRP on the bike

QRP on the bike


QRP on the bike

  • Hi everybody!
    Today I just had fun while riding my bike. It was nice to have a walk in Bordeaux and then standing in front of the city getting many QSO with my MP1 superantennas and my loyal Elecraft KX3. It was a nice to do QRP on the bike.DSC03693
    Together with my bike, the Trek FX 7.2, I drove out of the city center. I stopped there, on the waterfront, laying the bike just on the wall and then I deployed the MP1. My MP1 superantennas is a modified QRP antenna: I changed the top whip with the one from buddipole. I increased so far the length of the whip by 1 meter. Not so bad. (see photo).
    The Solar flux was 108 while the K factor was 3. Very bad propagation settings.
    But… together with my QRP Elecraft KX3 and 5 watts… I had chance to get:
  • S5SR on 30 meters band  (10.115 MhZ) who gave me a 599 report in CW
  • UA3HRP on 15 meters band (21.224 Mhz) with RS of 57 (USB)
  • DF2OB on 20 meters band (14.310 Mhz) with RS of 58 (USB).
  • IZ8FFC on 17 meters band (18.130 mhz) with RS of 57 (USB).
  • SV9GLL on 20 meters band (14.219 mhz) with RS of 59+10 (USB).
    My general recommendation if you like to do QRP on the bike is to use a mountain bike – and to get with you a MP1 supernantennas. Another option could be to get a dipole or the famous alexloop antenna. The End fed antenna is the best option because is easy to transport. The best ham radio setup I believe is represented by the YAESU FT 817 ND because of the rugged construction. Elecraft KX3 has the ATU enclosed but is not a rock like the ICOM 703 or FT 817.

    I really enjoyed going QRP on the bike. Please see down here the VIDEO (click on the arrow)





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