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Wideband coverage mods for our FT 817 QRP RADIO

Once upon time, with older models it was easy to open all the bands using a software (widebander.exe) but now you need to open your radio and perform this modification manually. Guide to widebanding “First remove the battery and disconnect the radio from any power source.  Next

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FT 827 or FT 818 ? – New QRP radio from Yaesu

Recently some ham radio users have uploaded some info about the new Yaesu FT-827 (?) that seems the new version of our QRP Radio. Somebody also says that the new QRP radio from Yaesu will be called FT-818. However for years the HAM radio community is hoping for

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Yaesu FT 817 – QRP

This little QRP radio is getting me crazy. Only 5 watts: I arrived to Argentina on 20 meters band. CW mode. Brilliant, I would say. An old hamradio saying suggests that if you have 1000$ spend 900$ for antenna and 100$ for the radio. I