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Ham radio deluxe crack

What’s Ham Radio Deluxe? Is there a crack ? Well let’s start this is a very popular ham radio software for radioamateurs. It’s used to track satellites, to use digital modes thanks to Digital master. The software can also manage remotely radio connection via TCP/IP.

CAT control ?

CAT is an acronym that stands for “computer aided transceiver (CAT)” . It’s a common device used by radioamateurs to remotely control transceivers using a classic computer like MAC or Windows based.

CAT control
A CAT control interface

This control made possible by a computer can allow the use of digital modes such as SSTV / FT8 / PSK31 / RTTY or the use of satellite tracking. Ham radio Deluxe software allows the management and the best use of these interfaces.

What’s the cost of Ham Radio Deluxe ?

Ham Radio Deluxe is developed and sold by HRD Sofware, LLC, a company based in USA. The company offer customer support and you can easily download the software in a shareware version : it include a free 30-day trial.

Ham Radio Deluxe - Main screen
Difficult to not be in love with Ham Radio Deluxe

Download now for free version of Ham Radio Deluxe

If you want to download the free version of ham radio deluxe (for 30 days, then you’ve to pay) you can click here. It’s the last version (6.0). Remember to have immediately all the functionality of this software buy it on the original website. Ham radio deluxe crack ? Well, we are very sorry. We do not support any kind of crack. You’re in the wrong site.

Main characteristics of the Ham Radio Deluxe software SUITE (no crack)

Here you have the main characteristics of the software:

  • The Logbook with powerful features for awards tracking, DX cluster, QSL card printing – everything integrated to rig control! For extreme DXer, DXCC fans, Logbook is a real keeper; now with automated logging of JT65, JT9, and FT8 using WSJT-X, JTAlert, and/or QSO Relay. Solar weather tracking and greyline maps are included. Automatically connect to  to search for the callsign you’ve just connected.
  • Excellent also for SWL. Great support.
  • HRD Rig Control is a ham radio control software program for ham radios that has the appearance of being connected to a software defined radio (SDR); HF, VHF, UHF, radio control for all major radio manufacturers; integrated to QSO logging.
  • DM-780 is a digital modes software program that includes RTTY, PSK31, Morse code send/receive, and many more; integrated to QSO logging. Modes include CW, RTTY, PSK, QPSK, Contestia, DominoEX, Hell, MFSK, MT63, Olivia, Thor, and Throb. Control an unlimited number of transceivers, transmitters, or receivers simultaneously. DM-780 uses the same automatic callsign lookup that HRD Logbook uses.
  • HRD Rotor Control is a software program that supports most popular rotator controllers; turn automatically within Logbook; world map display
  • HRD Satellite Tracking is a software program that makes your 2-way satellite communications much easier and includes integrated rig control

Basically, if you are looking for ham radio deluxe crack, we can tell you there is no crack available. Stop searching so. Download the free version!



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