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Differences between Yaesu FT 817 and ND version

Differences between Yaesu FT 817 and ND version

Here there are the differences spotted by our team:

FT817 has Ni-Cd 1000mAh Battery 6 Hours Charge Time
FT817ND has Ni-Mh 1400mAh Battery 8 Hours Charge Time

FT817 has gloss display screen finish.
FT817ND has new anti-glare/reflection finish now found on flat panel TVs and Monitors

Different display

FT817 PA stage reports state that the final PA stage was blowing much easier when SWR and Power were to high.
FT817ND New PA stage is said to be bomb proof but dont take my word for it!

FT817 has 2x Color Screen Selection Amber / Blue
FT817ND has 3x Colour Screen Selection Amber / Blue / Light Purple

FT-817 consumes around 430mA on receive.
FT817ND consumes 395 mA on receive.

FT817ND Extra Menu:
MENU 38: Op Filter / SSB / CW / OFF and [NAR] in quick menu’s access’s the Optional Filter section.

So the recap:
There is no so much difference between Yaesu FT 817 and ND version. Apparently the only real changes were: added an extra-bandfurther colour for the display and upgraded finals on the main board. We suggest you to see this full review and video on YAESU FT 817 vs ND version – Click down here on the arrow.






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