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SDR transceiver kit

SDR transceiver kit If you are arrived here is because – i suppose – you are going to buy your first (or second?) transceiver kit. Well done! This article is to review the best SDR transceiver kit on the market. When buying a transceiver you must

The complete review of XIEGU X5105

The complete review of XIEGU X5105 Here, there is. We have the Xiegu X5105 – Full review down here. After 7 months of long waiting we have commercially available since September 1st, the XIEGU X5105: the last HF+50 mhz TRANSCEIVER from this chinese, but high


Hello every HAM RADIO Enthusiast, It looks like some photos of the UPCOMING XIEGU HF TRANSCEIVER (5105 model) have been leaked. We received these photos from the East part of the world. Briefly the X5105 model, produced from this promising Chinese Company (XIEGU) is a

The pSDR – portable SDR transceiver

The pSDR – portable SDR transceiver Now available. This is a QRP 5 watts only HF transceiver 0 – 30 Mhz. It’s an open source Portable HF SDR Transceiver made by Mike Colton (KE7HIA). Named the PSDR. Ah, I forget: it has also 144 MHz band. The transceiver base his

Differences between Yaesu FT 817 and ND version

Differences between Yaesu FT 817 and ND version Here there are the differences spotted by our team: FT817 has Ni-Cd 1000mAh Battery 6 Hours Charge Time FT817ND has Ni-Mh 1400mAh Battery 8 Hours Charge Time FT817 has gloss display screen finish. FT817ND has new anti-glare/reflection

Yaesu FT 817 on the citizen band

Yaesu FT 817 on the citizen band How does it perform? Hello everyone. This is a post just to tell you how well is performing my 5 watts transceiver Yaesu FT 817 on the citizen band. On the AM side it works fairy well. 5 watts

QRP SDR Transceivers

QRP SDR Transceivers (SDR = Software defined radio) – What is software defined radio ?  A new class of transceiver is coming into our shack. We believe these QRP SDR transceivers will definitely change how way to do Ham radio but probably not take over completely. These transceivers before were depending on a pc all the time

Vertex Yaesu products – New ham radio transceivers

Vertex Yaesu products – New ham radio transceivers Review of the compact HF radio VX-1400 The VX-1400 is designed to occupy less space while providing all the features you need for optimal mobile HF communications. This transceiver with its digital Signal Processing (DSP) is perfect for

Best QRP transceiver kit

Best QRP transceiver kit Hendricks QRP radio BITx – two version 20A (14 mhz) and 17A (18 mhz) Score: 7/10 The BitX20A and BitX17A are complete SSB kits with board, all parts, digital display and custom powder coated and punched case that is based on the BitX20

Elecraft KX3 review

Elecraft KX3 review It was the 2011 when Elecraft company (an US based company, very rare phenomena) introduced the KX3 model. A real jewelry : portable SDR HF plus 50 MHZ transceiver. It includes every mode you need: USB, LSB, CW, data, AM and FM. The