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Wonderwand Antenna

The Wonder Wand Whip looks similar to a Miracle Whip. It mounts directly on the back of the radio using its integral PL-259 connector, and has two controls that face forward for ease of access. The lower control is a bandswitch which has eight positions,

FT 817 hidden menu

FT 817 hidden menu Wanna know how to access to a Yaesu FT 817 hidden menu? It’s very simple: just push and hold A, B and C simultaniously while putting the rig on, and you’re in the hidden menu with about 57 settings. Now that you entered the FT

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FT-817 Yaesu – Forum & Groups on internet

The FT-817 is Yaesu’s unique, tiny, MF – UHF low power amateur radio transceiver. On this page I’ve posted notes on various things related to it which may be of interest to fellow users. If you’re interested in more information about using the FT-817, however,

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How to do PSK31 using IPAD and FT 817 ND

How to connect our FT 817 radio on IPAD and transmit in digital via PSK31? A number of apps exist for different digital modes for iOS devices. RTTY, AX.25 Packet, PSK31,  SSTV . PSK31: I tried both softwares on the APP store: I-PSK31 PSKer These

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Switch to 3000 mAh battery – More juice for your QRP Yaesu FT 817 ND

I’ve personally tested this new feature for our FT 817. It is a kit that fit into your original case a LIPO 3000 mAh battery. Lipo battery are widely used now by R/C enthusiast because of their high power to weight ratio as well as their

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QRP Frequencies – Keep in mind these

Dear QRP ham radio addicted, These frequencies are reserved to us.   Remember we don’t “own” these popular frequencies but they are a good place to start calling CQ.    

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Elecraft KX3 vs Yaesu FT 817

Elecraft KX3 vs Yaesu FT 817 Hello everybody. Welcome to the Elecraft KX3 versus Yaesu FT 817 quick comparison The Price The Elecraft KX3 comes with the MH3 microphone,  KXBC3 charger, USB port cable (to upload firmware, to use it as SDR receiver on your PC) (no

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FT 827 or FT 818 ? – New QRP radio from Yaesu

Recently some ham radio users have uploaded some info about the new Yaesu FT-827 (?) that seems the new version of our QRP Radio. Somebody also says that the new QRP radio from Yaesu will be called FT-818. However for years the HAM radio community is hoping for

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Yaesu FT 817 – QRP

This little QRP radio is getting me crazy. Only 5 watts: I arrived to Argentina on 20 meters band. CW mode. Brilliant, I would say. An old hamradio saying suggests that if you have 1000$ spend 900$ for antenna and 100$ for the radio. I

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Yaesu FT-817 ND – QRP RADIO CW / USB / LSB / SSB / AM / FM

Hi everyone. I would share with you this mine blog about this brilliant radio. Warc, QSO Dx, QRP station, Long path, Ionosphere, Long wire, End fed antenna, Youtube, Mods Yaesu ft 817, website. 73 de IZ0JOJ.