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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Xiegu X5105 HF + 6 m SDR transceiver

Xiegu X5105 HF + 6 m SDR transceiver A new product will be available in April 2017: it’s the Xiegu X5105 HF + 6 m SDR (software defined radio) transceiver from Wouxun group (chinese brand). We already tested the X1m this february and it has been a pleasure working QRP

Elecraft KX3 and 27 mhz (CB band)

Elecraft KX3 and 27 mhz (CB band) Hello everybody, somebody can turn up his nose if we talk of the best SDR transceiver that we want able to transmit on the 27MhZ (CB Band). Well, it’s true. We can use a simple 100$ Citizen Band transceiver –

Used Elecraft KX3 for sale

Used Elecraft KX3 for sale Are you definitely looking for a used Elecraft KX3 for sale? Here you landed on the right website. Here you have some hints / clues where to buy a used one (Elecraft KX3 for sale): 1) Obviously you can start searching on 2)

Balun designs

Balun designs First of all , please remember: Baluns will not improve SWR (the exception is where a balun used as part of a matching network, I like to design and creat baluns by myself. Quality is top notch. Don’t waste your money buying some of the

Ham radio logging software

Ham radio logging software Many times you encounter a ham radio logging software but..which one is the most reliable, most common to find in our shacks? Which advantages, disadvantages have they got? Let’s review them one by one. I would like to start from a

What is software defined radio

What is software defined radio Very simple to answer. The SDR (that’s the acronym) is a new concept that is arising since 30 years in the ham radio (but not only) field. It was the 1983 when the first software defined radio was introduced. That’s because semiconductor technology has

QRP on the bike

QRP on the bike Hi everybody! Today I just had fun while riding my bike. It was nice to have a walk in Bordeaux and then standing in front of the city getting many QSO with my MP1 superantennas and my loyal Elecraft KX3. It